CafeMedia ranks #9 in Comscore and receives three GCPP awards

CafeMedia is making great strides for publishers, ranking #9 in Comscore and winning three awards at the Google Certified Publishing Partner Summit


We’re closing out a great week at CafeMedia and AdThrive with a gain in our Comscore positioning and the most wins at this year’s Google Certified Publisher Partner Summit.

#9 in Comscore

In a Comscore report of the Top 50 Multi-Platform Properties for October 2021, CafeMedia was ranked number nine among digital web properties, with 182 million unique monthly visitors. 

Moving up on Comscore‚Äôs list of the top-visited web properties means more opportunities for our publishers and helps brands identify our community as one of the best places to reach passionate and engaged audiences. 

Congratulations to our community and team on this incredible growth!

Google Certified Publishing Partner Awards

We also proudly received three awards at the Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) Summit this week:

  • The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Driver award for the Remarkable Voices program
  • The CSAT Change Agent award for Content Optimization and Brand Safety Reporting
  • The Highest Health Score award 

Thank you to Google and the selection committee for recognizing our efforts to serve publishers this year.

As CafeMedia grows in influence through awards and Comscore milestones, publishers benefit from higher-paying ads and innovative tools that drive even more publisher success. 

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