Remarkable Voices is back with 10 leading female BIPOC content creators

In October 2021, ten leading BIPOC content creators will join us for our second Remarkable Voices program designed to grow their digital entrepreneurship.

By Christiane Carter

CafeMedia’s Remarkable Voices accelerator program returns this week for a second edition, this time featuring an all-female cohort of leaders from the fields of finance, real estate, food, wellness, lifestyle, and activism. 

Remarkable Voices is designed to empower extraordinary BIPOC content creators to expand their digital brand presence into sustainable, owned and operated businesses on the open web. The eight-week intensive will include workshops, presentations, and mentorship tracks covering topics such as brand and content strategy, audience development and engagement, monetization, and more. 

Participants in the Fall 2021 edition of Remarkable Voices include Imma Adamu, Kendra Barnes, Nitika Chopra, Tinger Hseih, Aileen Luib, Vanessa Mota, Marta Rivera Diaz, Renee “Renz” Robley, Kimberly Smith, and Nzinga Young

As the world’s largest collective of independent publishers working toward a creator-first future, CafeMedia is committed to playing a role in democratizing the media landscape and leveling the playing field for content creators from under-represented groups, including members of the BIPOC community, through the provision of free educational and networking opportunities.   

“We know the empowerment of more BIPOC creators will make for richer, more authentic representation of their stories, cultures, and experiences on the open web. We launched Remarkable Voices to address gaps in representation, and offer these exceptional creators increased access to training, insights, and an expanded network that will help them turn their digital entrepreneurship into viable, owned and operated businesses for the long term. We are proud to support them throughout the program and beyond.” 

— Michael Sanchez, CEO of CafeMedia 

Additionally, the launch of Remarkable Voices in March 2021 led to our new partnership with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), and CafeMedia will be powering the curriculum behind the first-ever NABJ Entrepreneur Academy, which features a syllabus based on the Remarkable Voices program. 

Applications are now open to BIPOC creators from across the web for the Spring 2022 edition of Remarkable Voices. Visit for more information.