National Association of Black Journalists & CafeMedia: leadership and entrepreneurship through diversity

This fall, we’re partnering with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) to host an eight-week curated program.

By CafeMedia

At CafeMedia, our purpose is to help outstanding creators and independent publishers grow thriving businesses and brands on the open web. This fall, we’re partnering with the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) to host an eight-week curated program that provides an on-ramp to a partnership with Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

The National Association of Black Journalists has selected its inaugural class of the NABJ Entrepreneur Academy. The academy is an arm of the newly established NABJ Entrepreneur Network, specializing in helping members with existing digital media companies and websites to grow their businesses and unlock their earning potential.

“We created the network to provide support for our members who are established, budding or aspiring entrepreneurs and to answer the call to develop and strengthen more Black-owned digital media and content providers.”

—Dorothy Tucker, President, National Association of Black Journalists

CafeMedia is proud to partner with NABJ, offering the benefit of our decades of publishing experience and monetization expertise to help black journalists thrive in today’s digital economy.

“We are honored to work with NABJ to help this talented class of creators benefit from more robust support and enable them to take their owned and operated digital businesses to the next level.”

— Michael Sanchez, CEO, CafeMedia

We will welcome ten full-time or freelance journalists and communicators from around the country during the academy’s kick-off event on September 30. 

The inaugural class roster includes:
Caron LeNoir — Founder, CARONISMedia Group/The Center for Sensual Arts
Francheska Felder — Publisher, SwagHer Magazine
Nicole Franklin — Producer/co-host, Before You Go
Kiki — Founder,,, and KIki Podcasts
Kathia Woods — Founder,
Kasey Freeman — Founder, Innovative News Crew
Cheryl Coward — Founder,
Jasmine Phillips — CEO, Phillips Media Agency
Chandlor Henderson — Founder, The Black American Spring
Greg Dunmore — Co-founder, PULSEBEATGLOBAL.COM

We’re confident that providing creators with the tools they need to build successful businesses will lead to a richer, more vibrant, and diverse internet and global community.