CafeMedia across the industry, Q1 2021

If the foundation of your home needs rebuilding, you want to know your construction crew is the very best in the business and knows exactly what they’re doing to make sure the job is done right the first time. It’s...

By Lara Clark

If the foundation of your home needs rebuilding, you want to know your construction crew is the very best in the business and knows exactly what they’re doing to make sure the job is done right the first time.

It’s just as crucial — if not more — that your ad management company has a detailed, all-encompassing plan to protect your business and future revenue as the advertising industry rebuilds its foundation for a post-cookies world

The CafeMedia team is actively leading industry discussions and multiple initiatives shaping the future of the digital advertising world in a way that’s sustainable and optimal for publishers, advertisers, and consumers alike.

Here are some of our recent media coverage and appearances in industry conversations:

1. In AdExchanger talking about the big questions for digital advertising in 2021.

“2021 will be a year of significant action and a year when the collective ecosystem needs to stand up for our future.”

Paul Bannister

2. On CNBC discussing Google’s confidence around their replacements for third-party cookies.

3. On the Mobile Dev Memo Podcast discussing the future of online privacy and the major changes occurring in the market with Apple’s IDFA and Google’s TURTLEDOVE.

4. In a major press release for Global Privacy Control, a major new privacy initiative we’re supporting alongside large publishers like the New York Times, Meredith, and WordPress.

“We’re excited to build on our efforts to accurately reflect people’s preferences on how their personal information is used.”

Paul Bannister

5. In Wired talking about Google’s next Chrome update and changes to watch.

“It could be that Google’s ad tech division is at equality with other ad tech companies,” says Paul Bannister, co-founder of ad management firm CafeMedia. “The problem is that [blocking third-party cookies] widens the gap between walled gardens and what they can do versus the open web.”


6. In AdAge discussing publishers’ plans for 2021.

“Digital advertising is being rebuilt from the ground up, which is a once-in-a-generation opportunity,” said Paul Bannister, chief strategy officer, CafeMedia. 


7. Hosting a webinar with Beeler.Tech, where over 80 publishers across the web joined to hear our perspective on the Privacy Sandbox and identity solutions.

Coming up this month!

8. At the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting on March 11 for the session, “Who Owns Media Data in the Supply Chain & Why?”. Paul Bannister will be discussing ownership of data and addressability with the Chief Digital Strategy Officer of Mindshare, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

9. On the main stage of AdMonsters’ Publisher Forum on March 30, talking about the user privacy aspects of the Privacy Sandbox, with Paul’s session, “How Private is the Privacy Sandbox?”.

From FLoCs to TURTLEDOVE to SPARROW to FLEDGE and other avian-named proposals, there’s been a lot of talk about how the Privacy Sandbox will enable advertising in the future. But is it actually more private for users? And how will that privacy affect advertising?

10. Joining 30+ industry leaders at the AdExchanger’s Innovation Labs event on March 16. Paul’s session, “Digging into the Privacy Sandbox”, will cover digital advertising trends and how privacy affects them.

Understanding how the replacements for third-party cookies will operate – and what they can and can’t do – ain’t easy. This session, a dialogue between an AdExchanger senior editor and one of the members of the W3C working group tracking these changes, will unpack the latest additions to the Privacy Sandbox and offer clear explanations of complicated concepts you can use to make decisions for your business.

11. Speaking on Triplelift’s “Check Your Tech” panel on March 25, where Shobha Doshi (our VP of Programmatic Strategy and Operations) will join the LA Times to address hot topics like supply path optimization and identity.