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AdMonsters Announces the 2018 Power List AdMonsters

Folio:‘s sister brand AdMonsters announces its 2018 Power List, honoring professional excellence and influence in digital media & advertising.


Google’s go-it-alone approach to GDPR rankles publishers Digiday

Google has frustrated publishers with its approach to the General Data Protection Regulation.


Taking Control Of Your Publisher Reputation AdExchanger

Imagine if every impression could find its perfectly matched buyer. Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are the ultimate gatekeepers for screening inventory, but publishers only see which bids and buyers come through the front door. There’s a lot of valuable information publishers don’t know that keeps buyers on the other side of those gates.


Has Sell-Side Ad Tech Become Too Complex? AdExchanger

A few years ago, publishers had a pretty simple monetization stack: an ad server, typically DoubleClick for Publishers, Google’s AdX enabled as their primary remnant fill platform and maybe a tag-based supply-side platform.


Private Marketplaces: What We’re Getting Right AdExchanger

In ad tech, we either spend a lot of time hunting for the next big thing or kvetching about what’s broken in our ecosystem. Rarely do we stop to take stock of what we’re doing well and give ourselves a deserved pat on the back.Private marketplaces (PMPs) are one such thing that’s been all too easy to pick on.


Private Marketplaces: Ripe For The Next Great Transformation AdExchanger

While ad tech has seen a constant stream of innovation over the last few years, one thing has largely stayed the same: private marketplaces (PMPs).


CafeMedia Uses Watson AI To Power Context-Driven Private Marketplaces AdExchanger

Food brands that want their ad creative to appear next to recipes for quick and easy dinners, Japanese food or gluten-free meals can buy inventory via CafeMedia’s private marketplaces that fits into those content categories.


CafeMedia Becomes The Latest Publisher To Join The Consolidation Trend Adexchanger

In a media environment that increasingly favors scale, CafeMedia bought AdThrive on Thursday in a deal that will triple the reach it can offer to advertisers.


Cafe Media Acquires AdThrive, Ups Digital Scale MediaPost

CafeMedia has acquired AdThrive, a lifestyle blogger and ad monetization network. The acquisition is expected to double CafeMedia's audience reach.


Infographic: What Millennial Women Value Most in Terms of Work, Money and More Adweek

Millennials make up about one-quarter of the U.S. population, and women comprise about half of the demo. Research from CafeMedia, a women-focused digital media shop, takes a deeper look at what the segment values most when it comes to work, money and experiences.


Don't Tell Millennial Women What To Do MediaPost

Although it's not breaking news that Snapchat is on the rise as a social media force among younger Millennial women, it's helpful to step back and understand why it has gained popularity so rapidly against Facebook, which remains the dominant channel of choice.

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